Spam Alert: Forum spam links in post punctuation

Several of my forums have been hit by a particularly insidious form of spam. The spammer will place links to the worst type of sites inside the post, hidden under punctuation.  Check your periods, colons, semi-colons, commas, hyphens, everything.  They contain links to porn, viagra, phen, cialis, and whatever else you might imagine from a spammer.
The spam post’s title are relatively indistinct.  One, on my RC Drifting Forum was titled “That’s How She Says Goodbye.”  The post looks like computer generated language, perhaps correct grammar, but not really meaning anything.  However, in the punctuation, I see links to lesbian sex sites.  They even hit my Card Model Forum, with a post titled “‘interesting’ story not true” which linked out to sites about xanax, levetra, and other pharmaceuticals.  I expect to see more.  Check your forums.

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