Register Linking New Blogs

Anyone who blogs should keep an eye on what new blogs are starting, and be generous with links.  Whether you’re a well established blogger, or the newest blog on the block, link out.  I believe that linking out is just as important as linking in.  I’ve gotten as many readers from linking to people’s blogs as I have from getting links from other blogs, and a lot of those inbound links I get are a result of linking to other people.

Here’s a few new blogs I’ve looked at this week.  The A2 Network blog,  who’s writing about a number of topics that would be interesting to the newer webmasters particularly.  Dave Turnbull’s blog, he’s writing about internet marketing.  And, Ten SEO Tips for WordPress by SEO Portal.

So, with that, I’ve gotten the attention of three bloggers, who hadn’t previously been reading my blog.  Now, they at least know the address.  Maybe they’ll become regular readers.  Maybe occasional readers.  The links help too.  Link out, and link often.

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