My letter to Susan Taing and the Adsense Team

I saw a post on the Inside Adsense blog today. It just grates on my nerves. So, I posted this letter off to the email listed on their blog.

Dear Ms. Taing (and the rest of the Adsense team),
I just wonder if you realize that the people you’ll be meeting at SES are SEO professionals, not real webmasters. Sure, you might find the odd few genuine publishers at the conference, but in general you’re meeting the SEO crowd. These are the guys who’s idea of quality content is the results of the new ArticleBot tweak they learned at the private party the night before. Or, a new way to auto-generate blog posts. Link spammers. Yea, teaching them ways to optimize Adsense sure sounds like a great idea. Yea.

I’ve said this to Matt Cutts before, and I think I got his attention. The video series he’s made recently is super! But, then, he is supposed to be working in spam. I really find the efforts the Adsense team makes to reach out to spammers very frustrating. I feel that it really devalues the honest websites that are using Adsense to generate revenue. I see it more and more. People are becoming prejudice against sites that use Adsense, because so many spam websites use it.

How about spending less time with SEO people at SES, Webmasterworld, etc, and more time with quality publishers? Wouldn’t hurt you would it? There are some great web communities that are full of genuine publishers, and hardly any search engine spammers. Sitepoint, for example. Why does the Adsense team ignore them? I really just don’t understand why you reach out so much to the SEO crowd, and not to decent webmasters.

One of the things I told Matt was that I believed he could be far more effective in combating spam if he spent some time helping webmasters of quality sites to raise their rankings, rather than just trying to beat down the spammers. I think his video series is a great first step in that direction. Couldn’t the Adsense team benefit from that line of thinking as well? Do splogs and scraper sites really present such a promising future to Adsense?

Oh, yea, I got a quick reply. lol


Thank you for writing in about Inside AdSense. Though we may not get to
respond to you personally, we are reading through every email that we
receive. So keep visiting the site.
If you have questions about your AdSense account, please visit the help
center at The AdSense Help Center
provides the answers to a wide variety of questions. If you are unable to
find the information you need, you can contact the AdSense Team through
our online contact form.

Thank you,
The Inside AdSense Team

Heck, Matt Cutts replied when I posted him a similar question. Who knows, maybe the Adsense team will show up on my blog, and see what I really think Adsense is becoming. I doubt my question was what lead him to do the video series, but I hope it did get his attention for more than just a moment. I have done my best to make sure the members at Sitepoint find out about Matt’s video series.

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