I think you’ve missed the point.

As is common in the blogosphere, one rant begits thousands. I’ve read a few of them. The rant of the day seems to be “buy a domain, don’t under any circumstances blog with a subdomain of blogspot, typepad, or any other service you do not own. Bah. Poppycock. I think you missed the train. It’s not about what domain you use, really. Of all the things to worry about, getting your own domain for your blog is not something that need to be a huge priority.

It’s difficult to get a decent domain these days anyway. I really think a subdomain like blogging.typepad.com is a lot more memorable than something like immobloggingthis.com (which is one of the better alternatives my domain registration service recommended when I typed in ‘blogging’), or even worse, i-am-a-keyword-spammer.info.

But, I may just be a curmudgeon.

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