We all get caught up in our own lives.  I know I do.  Too much sometimes.  Focused on my own success, and how to get more.  It’s important to me to remember to stop for a moment, and think of those less fortunate, and give.  People who know me know that I have a real soft spot for kids.  I’m making a substantial donation to SOS Children’s Villages.  Sure, I could use the money to buy another website, or hire a developer to build something that would impress you.  I also realize that I do need to do those things, to reinvest in my own business, or I will not have the ability to give.  I’m not going to tell you that it will make you feel good, or that giving produces good kharma that will revisit you in the form of future successes, I don’t believe in that.  I won’t tell you an amount, or what to give, because a beggar sharing half of his meal with a hungry child may mean more than all the billions that Bill Gates could give, it’s not for me to judge.  Be the Samaritan, Luke 10:30-34.

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