BroadVoice – Worst Voip Service

I’m always happy to give a small startup the benefit of the doubt, and give them a chance. So, I signed up with BroadVoice instead of Vonage. Mistake. I estimate about 50% of the calls we attempted through BroadVoice wouldn’t go through. When we did get a call through, we received complaints from the people on the other end of the call regarding the quality of the service. When I contacted BroadVoice about their service the response time was just silly. I receved a response to one of my emails after four months. MONTHS! Why they even bothered to reply at that point is the silly part. To add insult to injury, when I disconnected my service with them, they told me if I didn’t return the device they’d charge me $50. Well, silly me, when I paid them much more than that in setup fees, I figured the cost of the device must have been included in that. So, I returned it. What else would I do with it anyway? So, instead of charging me $50 they’re now saying they’ll charge $11 instead because I returned it in the wrong box! I’m using Vonage now, and am happy I made the switch. Should have done it a long time ago.

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