Seth Godin’s Haircut

I find this hilariously funny.  Seth, who brands himself as the guy with the bald head, gets asked by the receptionist at a “spa/place” whether he’s there for a haircut.  When you get passed being amused at the bald man being asked if he needs a haircut, there’s an important problem that most entrepreneurs face.

How do we hire good people?  Seth chastens us against “hiring the cheapest person,” but I don’t think it’s necessarily about the money.  I’ve known people who are paid oodles of dough, yet do things that could be categorized along with what Seth experienced.  Conversely, I’ve known very lowly paid people who excel.

So, back to the question, how do we hire good people?  Pay more?  I don’t think so, I’ve tried that.  Is it in the hiring, or in the quality of your leadership?  Probably both, but if you don’t hire well you have a higher wall to climb to lead the person.  Do I have the answer to this question?  No.  Do you Seth?

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