Pubcon Boston in the AM

Yea, perhaps I’ll drag myself into the city in time to see the 9AM keynote by Malcolm Gladwell.  I’m not sure exactly what he has to add to the whole thing.  I did read his book, The Tipping Point, a while back.  Frankly, I feel it’s a bit obsolete now, but the general gist of the book is good.  Just not sure exactly what he can tell a room full of Internet marketers.

Sessions.   I’m thinking I’ll hit the Affiliate Microsites and Niche Marketing session first.  I’m not too familiar with the guys that are speaking, but the topic seems a good fit for me.  The second session I don’t have much of a strong choice, they all seem a bit too introductory.  I’m leaning toward the Link Building Clinic, because I can always stay interested when the topic is link building.  The Domain Names seemed a bit interesting too, but when I saw that the description includes “from the simple act of registering a domain” I figured I might be soundly sleeping by the time they got to any information i might find useful.

I’ll be looking forward to the  Luncheon Session to listen to Matt and the other Googlers talking about whatever.  Onto the afternoon session, there’s some good choices there but I think I’ll go with the Organic Search Forum.  I’ll probably hang around in the exhibit hall for a bit after that, try to meet some people.  Maybe hang out at the Super Session for a bit, then try to get home before my kid’s bedtime.

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