Micro Sites

The recent bargain price for .info domains has prompted me to come up with ideas for micro sites. Obviously, I’m not prepared to take on the management of twenty-five new full websites, but it will give me the incentive to create a group of micro sites. I’ve selected a group of extremely targetted travel-related keywords matched to the domains, and have started putting the development of this group of sites out to bid. The idea is to create a static html website, maybe five pages, with a specific keyword in mind. I’ve tried to collect names that show a potential of at least 100 searches a day in the search engines. These are also fairly un-competitive keywords. Bring traffic – sell ads. I expect to have ten to twenty-five dollars in each website (each one taking a developer an hour to make, from content to coding, since they’ll have all the same coding it’s just plug in the content). After that, the only outlay is for the hosting. If I can’t make more than twenty-five dollars per site in 12 months, it will have been a total failure. I anticipate twenty-five a month, though. Small dollars, but if the idea works well, the sky is the limit.

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