I changed my mind about vision statements

I used to think that vision statements were just something that corporate executives do to make themselves feel as if they’re contributing. I still feel that’s true, but for a small company having the entrepreneur express his vision to his employees and customers should provide some benefit, even if intangible.

What is a vision statement, exactly, you ask? Well, first of all, it’s not a mission statement. The mission statement is much more firmly in the public relations area than a vision statement. A vision statement is an outline of how the entrepreneur wishes his company to operate.

A vision statement can express specific goals, such as how you’d like to structure your management team, and how you want to outline your marketing plan. It can also express less tangible items, such as how you envision your company’s culture.

How does this help? Well, here’s the part where I’ve been converted. It’s about communications. Once an entrepreneur starts employing others to work for his company, the struggle with keeping the original idea of the venture begins. Generally, people that want to work for you will not share your ideas and goals for the company from day one. The only way to get them to follow your ideas and goals is to communicate it to them.

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