How to Sabotage the Competition in Wikipedia

Wikipedia editors need to be aware of some of these insidious schemes that the less ethical search engine marketers are doing.  After my last post about Wikipedia, I hope there are some editors keeping an eye on what I’m writing.  My last attempt at communicating was a bit clumsy, but I do believe I got my message across.

It’s amazing what some of these guys are coming up with, to take advantage of Wikipedia.  I saw this tip at Digitalpoint’s forum.  Dominic is explaining how to channel “link juice” when you get one of your link spams to “stick” in Wikipedia.  Do a search of Wikipedia for your selected keyword, and make internal links of that keyword back to the page where you got your spam stuck.  That increases the effect of your spam link with the search engines.

How do you use that against your competition?  According to Dominic, if your link doesn’t stick, but your competition’s did, you can sabotage them by doing the reverse; to remove all internal links within Wikipediapointing to that page.  This would have the effect of lowering the value of the link out to the competition.

He also notes that the aspiring Wikipedia link spammer should not place Adsense on the landing page of the link.  Is there a prejudice against Adsense in among Wikipedia spam fighters?

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