Google Bowling

It had to happen, someone come out with a good article about it.  Google Bowling is NOT a topic that’s going to make Internet Marketing a more pleasant topic.  It’s one of those times when I think that this guy should just shut up, the less people that know the better.  I first started hearing about it last fall, and even managed to bowl one of my own sites right out of the SERPs.  Yes, I believe it works, but no I’d not be one to use it against a competitor.  Since I’ve known about it, though, I have made changes in the way I’ve been marketing my sites.  I’m focusing any of my sites that get more than 50% of the traffic from Google, to other traffic sources.  I can’t count on my competition to not Bowl against me, not that there’d be many that could manage it, that is.  But, even if I’m never the victim of Google Bowling, or anything like it, the eggs all in one basket theory still applies.  Google Bowling just magnifies it.

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