Full Circle – How I Bought a Website I sold Two Years Ago

Approximately two years ago, I was divesting myself of my hosting business, and in a separate transaction I sold off .  I sold it for about what I paid for it. A few days ago, I bought it back from the person I had sold it to, back in 2003. I paid less than half of what it had originally sold. I’ve upgraded, and am refocusing the site. It was focused on being a technical support site, but since the osCommerce main site does that so well, there’s no need. There is a need, however, for a site focused on helping people who don’t need technical support, but would like to learn more about managing an ecommerce site. So, the focus will be on subjects like marketing, SEO, fullfillment, and other non-technical issues. The technical stuff is still there, just consolidated into a smaller area. Come over and say hi!

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