An answer from Matt Cutts

Well, to my surprise Matt Cutts did take the time to answer my question to him.  His answer to my question was about half way down the list in this post.  I’ll quote the full answer here along with the question.

Q: “Why do you focus your attention so much on SEOs and not at webmasters who make actual quality websites?”
A: I think that’s an issue I have personally, because I spend so much of my time looking at spam. Lots of other people focus on helping general webmasters, like the Sitemaps team, for example. I have started to do “SEO Advice” posts instead of just “SEO Mistakes” posts, but you’re right: I personally could use a reminder to keep focusing on the sites that make quality content and how to pull those sites up, not just how to counter sites that cheat. Thanks for bringing that up.

I noticed at least one other person has taken interest in this.

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